Top 3 Budget Gaming PC

Top 3 Budget Gaming PC

Top 3 Budget Gaming PC


Nowadays, youngsters can do anything to play games but some of them still cannot manage to show their talent due to not having a budget Pc. I am going to tell you the most top 3 budget gaming pc and how they work and how much would they cost, and it would be used parts. These budget pcs will give you a high performance in gaming and Fps would not drop. As there are many upcoming games that would release soon in 2020, these budget pcs will be able to run those games smoothly.

3 Budget Gaming Pcs

 Normal Budget Pc
 Low budget Pc
 Low end budget Pc

Budget Gaming Pc Casing Tower

Gaming Case has a big role in budget Pc so it could protect it from heating and must have 4 to 5 fans and the case should be open and well structured so the so the air ventilation would cross easily. The case should have an air gap so the air could pass through and will not heat up. In addition, you can add rgb fans so the casing will look fancier. Also, you can buy a tempered glass casing but due to my research, it heats up a lot so I would prefer you to buy an air flow gaming case.

  gaming budget pc with rgb case

Gaming Case Price:

 Starts from 1,500 to up to 12,000


Normal Budget Gaming PC

normal budget gaming pc

Normal Budget Pc will give you 80 to 90 fps on an ultra-setting and it is better than any of the other budget pc since it gives you a good performance. The processor in this pc is core i5 4570 and it is compatible with the motherboard called ASUS h8i. Additionally, it needs to have an 8gb ram 1600mhz and has a hard drive with a 500gb which is a lot of storage to keep your games. It also contains a 120gb SSD in which you can install windows so the games will run even faster, and it will give you a high gaming performance. Furthermore, the power supply should be 500w and it supplies power to the graphic card, motherboard, and the fans. With that being said, you would always need a graphic card for all this to work for a best gaming performance and the best graphic card that will work with this pc is GTX 1050 Ti 4gb memory. From the beginning to now, this graphic card is still in demand and is popular and people can find it easily from shops.

Processor: Core i5 4570

 Speed- 3.2 GHZ
 4 cores
 4 threats
 6 mb cache

Motherboard: Asus h81

 USB 3.0 ports
 2 Rams slots of DDR3
 1 Graphic card slot


 8gb 1600mhz

Hard drive: 500gb

 7200 RPM excellent performance
 Check hard disk health and performance before buying

Power supple: 500w

 82% efficiency (Handles higher and lower loads)
 Manages over voltage, over current and short circuit

Graphic card: 1050 Ti

 Memory- 4gb
 128 bit
 Maximum GPU Temperature- 72

gtx 1050ti budget gaming graphic card

Normal Budget Pc Total Price:

 PC = 18,000
 Graphic Card = 15,000


Low Budget PC for Gaming

low budget gaming pc

Low Budget Pc will give you 70 to 80 fps on an ultra-setting and gives you an amazing performance. This Pc contains a i5 3 rd gen 3470 processor and the motherboard of intel h61 and gives you an incredible performance. It also has a 6gb ram 1600mhz and a hard drive with a 500 gb which is the same as the normal pc that I have mentioned above. Moreover, this low budget pc contains a 60gb SSD which will let you install games with a higher speed and will give you the best gaming experience. Additionally, the power supply must be of 350w which would supplies power to all the things I have mentioned, such as the motherboard, graphic card and of course, the fans. Apart from that, for the best result and performance of the game, you would always need a graphic card and with this low budget pc, GTX 750 ti 2gb memory would work the best. Although, it is a bit lower than the normal pc, but still gives you a stunning performance.

Processor: i5 3 rd gen 3470

 3.20 GHZ
 4 cores
 4 Logical processors
 1 socket
 Hyper- V support
 L3 Cache of 6 mb

Motherboard: Intel h61

 4 Ram slots
 1 graphic card slow
 1 GPU slot
 USB 3.0 ports


 6gb Ram of 1600mhz

Hard drive: 500gb

 7200 RPM excellent performance
 Check hard disk health and performance before buying

Power supply: 350w

 Maximum Power- 350w
 1 Fan
 Connector- 24 pin
 It is best to handle a 750 Ti graphic card

Graphic card: 750 Ti

 Memory- 2b
 128 bit
 PCI -3.0

gaming budget graphic card gtx 750ti



Low Budget Pc Total Price:

 CPU = 17,500
 Graphic Card = 8,000


Low-end Budget Gaming PC

low end budget gaming pc

At last, I would tell you about the low-end budget pc which comes on the 3rd number but still gives you an outstanding performance. The low-end budget pc will give you 50 to 65 fps on a high setting. So, the processor that this pc has is a i5 2 nd gen 2400 and it works with the motherboard of Intel b75. On top of that, this low-end budget would need to have a 4gb ram 1300mhz while it also has a hard drive with a 320 gb which is enough to store your most favorite games. In addition, the power supply for this low- end budget pc would be 220w and still gives you the same experience as the other two pcs we talked about. At last, the graphic card for this pc will be GTX 750 2gb ram. Now, as you might be thinking that the other low budget pcs that we have talked about contains a higher amount of gb, supplies, processor, and everything so this low-end budget pc would not be worth it but in this case, this pc works the same as the other two depending on it’s own graphic card.

Processor: i5 2ng generation 2400

 Speed- 3.10Ghz
 4 cores
 4 threats
 6 mb smart cache

Motherboard: Intel b75

 2 ram slots
 USB 3.0 ports
 Rams of DDR3
 2.0 ports
 3.0 ports

Ram: 4gb ram

 1300mgz
Hard drive: 320gb
 320gb
 Speed- 5400 RPM
 Check hard disk health and performance before buying

Power supply: 220w

 CPU Power Connecter 4 pin
 GPU 6 pin
 1 Fan

Graphic card: 750

gtx 750 graphic card for low end budget gaming pc

 Memory- 1gb
 128 bit
 PCI express 3.0
Low- end Budget Pc Total Price:
PC = 16,000
Graphic Card = 7,000

budget pc gigabyte graphic card


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