Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War

It is an online game which can be played on any browser. There are different types of kingdom and global map and each player has its own kingdom. Basically, you must build barracks and then by making those barracks, you will build your own army which will help you fight against your enemies and much more. With your army, you can attack the other army, get their personal information out and steal their things such as their houses, money, and weapons. In your kingdom, you can build your own buildings, farm, lumbermill, stone quarry and mine. In addition, you can also upgrade your buildings and go on a raid. Moreover, you can see other players rank, clans and top kingdoms by going into the leaderboard.

Performance and Heroes

This game is also known for its performance which mostly shows how amazing, fast, active, and hardworking your player is in this game. You can earn a good performance rating by unlocking some incredible gears and weapons. Overall, everything will be based on how good your character is in Kingdom at War. Furthermore, the graphics of this game is amazing, and everything is clearer to see which people care about the most. Kingdom at war does not take a lot of load and the players can easily play this game without any lag. One of the most interesting things about this game is that it has heroes, and you can always upgrade them and send them to fight with their enemies. When they win a mission, they get bunch of rewards which boost the performance level too.

View and Menu

The kingdom basically has bridges all over and there is a huge mountain covered with the snow where on the other side, there is a water flow going in the middle of the bridge which makes everything looks pretty. I think view of every game attracts the players the most since with such an amazing view, people would want to spend more time playing that specific game and kingdom of war is indeed, one of them. There is a menu in which you can see your profiles, rankings, how to play, get some latest news about the game, ask question and much more.

Global map

Kingdom at war also has a global map where you can see 100 to thousand of players and you can attack or on slot or you can send scouts. On global map, you can see other heroes and you can fight with them with your own hero. You can also see everyone’s level and names on the map and the map itself is huge which would never end. With all these cool things, you can also see the troops walking on the map and their destination so basically, it would tell you how many days your troop will take to get to their destination and everything that you would need to know.

Additionally, you can boost up your troops, resources, heroes, and you can also reduce the enemy troops defense. There is also a mail system in this game where you can send or receive things from your friends, and you will also receive a report of the troops whether they have won or lose the attack. You can also add your friends by searching their names in the contacts. Moreover, you will also get daily tasks where you can send your troops on an attack, look around the field, perform a heroic deed, horn your combat skills, harvest the lumber and you can also see if the task is unusual, simple, or epic.

Throne: Kingdom at War

Something different about this game is that it also has a bank where you can buy coins from your real money and spend them on game. There are many different special offers, packages, and subscriptions where you can choose anything you want, and you can buy gold from that money too. You can easily get gold by spending some real dollars and you can also get a weekly and monthly subscription. This game can be played on a Pc too but for that you would have to download a platinum play and your game will run in a software or program in your Pc.


Furthermore, you can also chat in this game where there is a common chat and a clan chat. In common chat, you will be able to talk and see everyone’s chat whoever plays kingdom at war while on the other side, in clan chat, you will be able to talk to your own friends personally who are in your group. This is the most popular thing that you would find in this game because I believe that everyone should collaborate with each other in a game to play in a better way and make a stronger team.

Rewards and Much More!

You can earn a lot of cool things that you can use in this game just by leveling up. You can earn some amazing things such as power, skill points and gold. Yes, you can earn all these items for doing nothing but just increasing your level. In most of the other games, you would have to usually buy these items especially gold but in Kingdom at war, you can earn this for free. Every level you unlock would give you something different. However, if you are someone who like to have things in such a big quantity, gold can also be bought with money too. This game is unique since you mostly must do nothing to earn some incredible rewards and everything is based on your performance. So, the higher performance you give, the more rewards you will get.

plarium Throne: Kingdom at War

VIP status

There is also something in this game called a VIP status which can be activated by using your VIP points. It gives you more rewards that you probably would not get by doing regular tasks. It will give you benefits such as food production, iron production, silver collection, VIP icon in chat and much more that you could not even think of. For the VIP status, it will give you a time limit of how long it would be active for, but you can always extend that time. Each level will give you different kind of privileges and you can level up just by earning some VIP points. These VIP points can be bought with the coins. Basically, these coins will help you to reach the next VIP level.

Throne: Kingdom at War

If we compare this game with all these other new games such as call of duty, hyper scape and apex legends, this game gives you a 90’s vibe which is super interesting. It gives you a nice peaceful background music too which most of the players love but you can always mute that option too since some people like to focus on their game more than anything else. Overall, this is a breathtaking game since it gives you a nice gaming experience and a realistic vibe in its own way.



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