Survival Games Best

Survival Games Best

Survival Games Best

If you are a game player, then you would have probably heard from your parents that you brain will get slow, concentration level will be low, eye sight will be weak and many other things that would have made you angry and confused. Even though, it is true but not for sure and that is what we need to understand. This world is full of different types of people and everyone has their own talent, hobbies, personality, likes, and dislikes. So, if someone is crazy about games, then it is their own choice, and we can never relate with that person if we do not share the same taste. So, to give you guys something new, Today, we are going to talk about some of the highest rated top survival games that will blow your mind. Now, one thing that you guys must keep in your mind is that the games I will mention below, are taken from those popular games that are trending in 2020 but still, some of you might have a different opinion about it.

Benefits of these Top Survival Games 2020

Before I began, I will talk about how these top Survival games can help you in so many ways. As there are many kinds of games and everyone has a different taste, one thing we all can relate with the word “game” is that it increases our brain level and gives us positive vibes. There are some games where we can communicate with people and make new friends while there are other games where we play in teams and learn how to work together and fight for ourselves. Each gives us a different point of view and each time we play; we get to learn something new. So now, many of you might be thinking that where did that part came from when this is all about the top survival games of 2020. Although, we will discuss about the Top survival games ps4, android, iOS and much more but we wanted to tell you the outcome of playing these games.

Moreover, as we talked about some of the benefits of playing these top survival games, now we will lead to the main point. So, as I picked five of the most interesting games for you guys where you must obviously, survive but the way how you will survive is all depend on the game. Each of these games gives you different tasks, weapons, and environment where one of the things might become your favorite.

Best Survival Games on Android

The Forest

Survival Games Best

The forest is a game that focus on survival and came out in 2018 but still considered to be one of the most popular top survival games ever. As you can see the name of this game, the forest, many of you might have already gotten the idea of what this game is based on. Yes, the whole game is based on a forest where you fight for your own and find things of your own to survive. Of course, as the other games, this game can be played as a multiplayer too which in my opinion, is the best idea since players will have each other’s back and will have more chances of winning the game. One of the interesting things about this game is that in the background, it contains creepy kind of sounds of things that can be heard in a forest.

In this open world survival game, the forest becomes your home which is inhabited by several tribes of federal Macomb cannibals. They mark their territory with human skin and bones from their victims and, are very aggressive towards you where things get more complicated. The main idea of this game is to look for your son after a horrific plane crash and to fight with the cannibals who are behind you. The cannibals get more aggressive and hyper during the nighttime when players cannot really see things clearly. Apart from that, Players must build a place for them to stay, weapons to kill the enemies and other tools that can help them survive.

Top Survival Game PS4 – Rust


This Survival game came out in 2018 and is way different then any of the other games you ever played. In this top Survival game, you wake up on an amazing island without clothes where you just have a rock and a torch to survive. Rust does not give you any equipment’s to help yourself beside torch and a rock where you must find your own way using these two things. Using your rock, you chop down trees and gather rocks which you use to build a rudimentary shelter while keeping an eye on hunger, thirst, and health gadgets. Overtime, you will find blueprints that will let you build better tools which will give you more chances to survive. Rust is an aggressively competitive survival game for those who likes to mix the survival and crafting, rust is the best game for them.



Fortnite is another top Survival game based on 100 players who can land at any spot on an island and fight against each other where one wins at the end. So, as the game starts, you will see a map of an island where you land anywhere and see other players landing as well. This game has three main things which is wood, bricks, and metals that can be used to make things that will benefit you and help you survive. Using these things, you can build boxes and much more to hide yourself from the enemies. Now, you can always check your inventory to see which equipment’s you have and how much more you need to work to stay alive. In this top survival game, you should always be careful since your map shrinks after some amount of time which means that there will be less area and your map will always give you a warning where you must stay in the circle that is given by them or else you will automatically die. In Fortnite, you will always have to move fast since you will have to take every step as quickly as you can.

Free Fire

Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most trending game in 2020 where you can show your talent and do fun things to survive. The reason why I said “fun things” is because for some people, surviving is a task that they must complete to show their skills to their friends and much more. Basically, this game is a bit like Fortnite when it comes to the beginning. In Free Fire, you will see a map and a jump off from an airplane on a skateboard and on your way down, you will open a parachute to land safely. As you will see many houses, you will find weapons inside those houses and kill you enemies. In the corner of your screen, you will see how many people you have killed and how many people are still playing that you must kill. Moreover, there will be a safe zone on the map that you must stay in to survive and as many other games, whoever remains alive at the end will be the winner.

Green Hell

Green Hell

This top Survival game is very similar to the game called “The Forest” that we have mentioned above. In the Forest, you must go look for your son but in Green hell, you need to search your missing wife. However, both have different tasks, but each game can be relatable to each other as both are based on a forest where you must survive. In Green hell, you can play with random people or invite your friends where you can make a team of 4 people and fight against your enemies. In this top Survival game, you are dropped into a jungle and have no idea of where you should or should not go and figure everything out of your own. Once you are dropped, you will only have a backpack and your watch and obviously, the ability to learn. Furthermore, everything from tools to plants and what each plant does, what you can and cannot eat, how to use medicines and build your own shelter will be based on your own learning. Green Hell is a very solid, realistic, and enjoyable survival game and everything about this game is very impressive and can a bit addictive too.

All the top survival games that we have talked about are both single and multiplayer games, but it all depends on how you want to play them. I believe that playing games can help you with your stress level since it develops different ideas in your brain and distracts you from your personal problems that might be causing a lot of stress. The games I have mentioned above is based on my research and opinion as everyone have their own perspectives, but I bet some of you will relate for sure.


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