Sophos intercept X Endpoint 2021

Sophos intercept X Endpoint

Sophos intercept X Endpoint

This is one of the most popular endpoint protections and it is mostly used for the ransomware. Endpoint detection scans your whole device, and it is a powerful detection that scans your whole device and takes out the viruses. Ransomware file protection automatically recovers your file if there is any suspicious behavior and makes everything secure. Intercept X contains artificial intelligence which will protect you from known and unknown malware. You will also get a free trial and an online demo to see how it works. You can also see its price on Sophos intercept X endpoint.

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security is an app which protects your device and keep it secure. It is also known as a software that people mostly use to keep their personal information safe and it is compatible for all kind of devices such as android, iOS and windows.  Sophos mobile security protects your devices from getting viruses or scams and it is being used worldwide. It scans your phone and if there is any virus in your device, it will take that virus out right away. Sophos scans your phone and based on that; it does its job. One of the most interesting things about Sophos is that it does not let you download any file which contains malware, and it keeps you safe from the websites that contains inappropriate or a malware content.

Sophos App Management

By using Sophos App Management, you can put a password on your apps where you can either choose a pin or set it as your fingerprint. This is basically for your own security so no one else could access to those apps that contains your personal information.

Sophos Network Security

Sophos Network Security is all about Wi-Fi security, web filtering and link checker. In Wi-Fi security, you get an option to scan your Wi-Fi to check whether its secure or not. Meanwhile, the link checker usually checks the link which you open and tells you whether the link is safe or not or contains any malware. With these two options, Sophos network security also gives you something called a Web filtering which you can put on any browser such as chrome where it will tell you whether something is safe or not. Basically, whenever you open a link and have that web filtering option on your browser, it tells you if that website is appropriate for you to open or not and if its not safe, then it will not let you open.

sophos ap

App security

App security scans all your apps and tells whether you have any viruses or have any app which is accessing your data without your permission. If it detects anything, you can take an action right there and delete that app. You can also see all the details about that app which has been detected and because of all that, you can always create a protection recovery password to keep your apps safe. In app security, it also has an option called Fingerprint authentication where only you will have the access to your apps by your fingerprint.


Sophos Device Security

Sophos Device Security tells you about the health of your device, information of your device such as model, name, software version and it also informs you if there is any issue in your device. Moreover, it will also scan your device and if it finds any suspicious file or data, it will alert you right away. Sophos also has an QR scanner where you can scan any QR code and it will tell you if that QR code is safe or not. It also tells you the information about the QR code and ask for your permission whether you want to access that QR code or not.

Sophos XG Firewall

Sophos XG Firewall is the world’s best next generation firewall, and it checks everything deeply in your device and tells you every single information about your device such as the health, network traffic and identifies any suspicious malware and stops it. It is the best protection to stop the threats and if you want your device to be safe, then you should definitely use this firewall as it keeps everything secure and gives you such an amazing performance. Sophos XG firewall is the most trustworthy firewall in the entire world. One of the most interesting things about this is that it can fit in any network without causing any issue. You can also get an online demo and get the pricing of XG firewall.

Sophos Email Security

Sophos Email Security protects all your personal emails, data, files, and sensitive information. It keeps you secure from the links which can steal your personal information and data. Sophos Email security is the most safest security plan which will always protect your emails, data and much more. As many of us gets personal emails that cannot be seen by anyone, Sophos email security is the most popular security plan that will always keeps everything secure.

Sophos Management Threat Response

Sophos management threat response detects your device 24/7 and as soon as it finds something negative, it informs you right away. You can also call their expert team which is also available 24/7 and you can let them know about that issue and take an action too. It focuses on everything deeply and makes sure that there is no suspicious activity or behavior and it also takes an action by its own which makes it more amazing since you do not really have to worry about it that much.

Business and Home Products

There are two type of products called business products and home products and each contains something different. In business products, there is an endpoint protection plan which includes the intercept X endpoint and managed services which includes the managed threat response that basically detects your device 24/7. It also includes the next gen firewall where it has an XG firewall and then it has a public cloud where it contains something called a cloud optix which basically makes your device more secure. At the end, it has more products such as Sophos central, Sophos email, Sophos wireless, phish threat, UTM, Sophos mobile, intercept X for server, central device encryption and secure web gateway. All these plans work differently in its own way and makes everything amazing.

In home products, there is a cybersecurity plan which you can use at home and it blocks all your higher level of viruses, exploits, malware, and ransomware. For this plan, you can download a free trial to see how it works.


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