Social Media Apps on iPhone

Social Media Apps on iPhone

Social Media Apps on iPhone

In today’s world, social media is everything and I believe, everything is based on social media. Nowadays, everything is online from shopping to sending gifts and there are many things, we can do on these social media apps. There are many platforms where we usually make online friends and create that amazing bonding where we get to learn a lot from each and everything, we do on these social media apps. Social media is a great way to share your thoughts with your friends, show your talent to the world and express your love to your loved ones.

What Is Social Media?

Social media is using online applications to connect with friends, family, and random others in the world. Well it is basically a way to connect with each other without having to call or see them in person to talk about what you have been up to. Although, there are many Social media apps on iPhone, but each takes a different role in your life.

There are many advantages of social media that helps us in many ways such as sharing thoughts, stay connected, meet new people, learn new things, make money and of course, show your talent. On platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter and snapchat, you meet people where sometimes, you get to have someone with a similar personality as yours. From that, you get to learn new things that you were never familiar of and you can also teach so many things to your family and friends through these social media apps.

Furthermore, one thing that many of us might not know is that you can make money through these social media apps. Nowadays, as everything is based on give and take, you must put something to get some amazing results out of it and that something is the effort. Yes, when you put effort into something, no matter whether that thing is impossible or possible, you can always reach your goal at the end. The way how this money process works is that let’s say you made a page or a channel where you must have viewers in order for you to actually get popular and for that, you must use a good content that can attract the audience towards you.

Instagram (Ig)

Social Media Apps on iPhone

Now, if we talk about Instagram which is also known as “Ig” in a fancy way, is everyone is favorite, especially the teenagers. Teens spends half of their time on this platform and never complain about it which gives us an idea of how cool this social media app is. Instagram is a photo sharing app where you can share your pictures and videos with public as well as make some great memories with your friends. What makes this social media app even more interesting is that you can see posts and stories from random people around the world. However, this only happens if your page is open for public, have a high number of followers and if you are popular on this platform. On this social media app, you can make a personal account as well as a business account where both works the same way but for different purposes. Apart from that, Instagram also lets you keep your stories as a highlight on your profile page where you can make many categories and add different captions for each to make it look fancy.

Moreover, on Instagram, you can also go live with your friends and share some lovely moments with them. On live, there are many popular people who give you different types of tasks, play games, share their special moments and much more. Sometimes, there is a time when we are depressed or going through something but have no one beside us to actually make us feel calm and that’s when you should take advantage of that live option on Instagram where you can share your thoughts with people. In addition, this live feature can also help you if you are looking more into launching a brand or personal work where you might need some support and popularity. This is one of the most amazing features that Instagram has and that is what makes this social media app special in its own way.

How to Use this Social Media App on iPhone?

Once you download this amazing app from the app store and open it, you will see a screen where it will ask you to sign up and join this great platform. You can sign up with two options where one can be done using your phone number and the other one can be done with Facebook. On Instagram, you can connect your account with Facebook if you have one because later on, if you forget your password or something else happens then you can always log in to your Instagram account through Facebook. After you are done with the main process, that will take you to the home page where you will see all the posts of people and your friends that you follow. Another amazing fact about Instagram is that there is an option called “search box” where you can either search or see posts of things based on your interest.

Facebook (Fb)


Facebook, one of the most oldest platform that many of you might be familiar off which is used by more than 2.7 billion people worldwide. This is a free social networking site where people can make friends, share thoughts and many other things that other social platforms might not let you do. On Facebook, you can share posts and tag people in it such as wishing something special to someone and once you tag them, that post will appear on their home page called the “timeline.’’ You can also see new updates and be aware of some latest news. On this social media app, you can always connect with people who share the same interests as you. There are settings that keep this social media app safe and away from bad things and that is what people love the most.

Something that makes this social media app unique from the other apps is that it lets you join groups of your school where you can see everything that goes around from your professors update to some hot topics. You can also make groups with different names where you can add your friends and work together as well as help each other. On Facebook, when you like someone’s post, it gives you an option where you can express your thoughts with different emojis. You can also post a story that stays there for 24 hours and it also, gives you an option to do a video chat with your friends. What makes this video chat option so reliable is that you can create a room where you can add people of your own choice. This room can have a particular topic such as, hanging out, here all day, special occasion, bored at home or keep me company and then, you can set a date and time.

Apart from that, Facebook also gives you an option where you can sell items to people in your community. The way how this process works is that Facebook has an option called “Marketplace Listing” where you can add up to 10 photos of the items you want to sell, give a title, price, category, condition, and a brief description explaining about the item. One amazing thing about this is that Facebook marketplace items are public and can be seen by anyone whether they use Facebook or not. In addition, you can also buy items where it gives you an option to search for what you are looking for.

How to Join this great Social media app on iPhone?

To join a social media platform, you need to always install that app in your device. Once you install the app and open it, it will give you an option to create an account where you must put your first and last name, email or phone number, birthday, gender, and a strong password that cannot be guessed by anyone. After you finish this process, it will send you a confirmation code and once you verify, it will take you to its main home page where you can set up your account and make it secure. Facebook is one of the easiest social media apps that can be used by anyone no matter how old they are.

Snapchat (Sc)


When you hear the word snapchat, you can tell what it is about. Yes, this social media app is all about snap and chat where you send live snaps to your friends. This app has nothing to do with posting pictures or liking posts, but it is all about sharing stories. On snapchat, you can take snaps and share it with your friends on your story where you can set a timer for that individual snap. Each snap stay on your story for 24 hours and disappears right away. Interesting right? This social media app is used by mostly teenagers and has many features that are fun to use.

One of the main features of snapchat is the filters. Snapchat contains many realistic features where there no need for makeup since the filters gives you everything you need. As Instagram also have filters when you post a story but snapchat is known for this. There are many incredible filters where one would make you look like a rabbit and the other one will make you look like a queen. Another thing that people love the most about this social media app is that you can always hide your stories from a specific amount of people that you do not like or some personal reasons where you do not want that person to see your story.

While you can hide your stories, there is an option which lets you create a group story where you can add your most favorite people and give that group a title. The main advantage of making a separate story is that when it’s time to share a snap, you will not need to hide people but can directly post it on the other story made by you. Moreover, snapchat also informs you when someone takes a screenshot of your snap or story and at that point, people feel even more safe on this platform. Snapchat had made things easy for its users.

My eyes only, an option that is only given on snapchat where people can hide their personal pictures that they do not want it to be seen by others. As each of us has our own privacy, snapchat respects that and that is why this option is there so if someone asks for our phone, we do not need to worry about anything. To hide your pictures in my eyes only, it will ask you to make a 4-digist passcode that no one else knows.

Streak! I am sure many of you might have heard about some fire emoji on snapchat with numbers. Yes, it is called streaks which takes about three days to gain but 24 hours to lose. The way how streaks work on snapchat is that you choose people that you like sharing snaps with every day because to keep up with those streaks, you must send one snap each day. By having streaks with your loved ones, you can share each moment with them.

Join Snapchat, Enjoy Snapping and Chatting

When you download this social media app on iPhone, Tap on “sign up” where you will put your first and last name, it will take you to the next screen where you will provide your birthday and then finally, create a password. After that, you must put your real phone number as it will be useful for many things such as if you forget your password or need to verify. However, as some people do not like giving their personal number on any of the social media apps, snapchat has an option where you can put email instead of your phone number.



YouTube is a video sharing platform where you can share videos with people around the world. YouTube is a new way for people to earn money and being used by many. So, what happens on YouTube is that people can create their own channel and upload their own videos. The more subscribers and views they get, more chances of earning money. Cool right? I mean, what is the point of working outside the house when you can earn money just by sitting at home and doing your most favorite thing. People create channels like cooking, games, studies, music, movies, and so many other things that we cannot even think of. YouTube is a way to let your talent out in front of people where some would support you while others might now. Most of you probably have heard the quote, “haters gonna hate you” so yeah, they are everywhere.

By reading what I mentioned above, some of you will probably be thinking how easy it is to earn money on YouTube. However, it is not true. To reach that earning goal, you must give it a time as dreams come true when it is the right time. On this social media platform, you must give your best to reach that level by creating a good content, graphics, high amount of information in your video and something that would attract the audience because if there’s no audience, then there is no point.

Another thing that I personally find interesting about YouTube is that it has all kind of videos that you would need in your actual life. For example, if you are having a problem doing your homework, you can always search it on YouTube and find something that would help. Moreover, people can learn many positive things from this social media app. The more they use social media and learn whatever they could learn from it, the students then can create something even better and possibly create something safer for the society.

This social media app is also being used for business purposes. So, let us say that you have around 1 million subscribers or views on your videos and YouTube finds it interesting based on how many people are showing interest. They will give you advertisements and you can get many sponsors from other companies to advertise their products where it will benefit you since you will earn money. Advertisements are the main thing that you can make some money from.

If we talk about ourselves, then making a YouTube channel can benefit us in ways such as boosting your level of confidence, improve the way you communicate, gives you extra amount of knowledge, increase your creativity and can change your lifestyle too. As we all know, when we make a YouTube channel, people would want to know the real person behind the screen whether if it is their face or voice. So, it will somehow impact on your life but in a positive way and for your own better.

In conclusion, we have people who have platforms that could help spread awareness of what is going on in the world. For a while now, we have people who participate in spreading awareness of all sorts of things such as health problems, and even diversity.


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