Rummyculture is a card game that can be played online with friends and other people all over India. In Rummyculture, you can earn some real money and get around 5250 bonuses (points). You can also withdraw that money out of your Rummyculture account that you will win in that game and you can take it out right away. Something cool about taking out your money in Rummyculture is that it does not require any specific date and time as the other money-making apps. Apart from that, if we talk about its privacy, Rummyculture is known to be one of the safest apps out there that you can ever find. Also, as you refer this app to someone, you can get ₹12,000 cash. Rummyculture also allows you to play different kind of tournaments where you can easily make some real money and you get daily rewards which will help you to increase your money even more.

Furthermore, there are 7 tournaments that you can play where the first one is totally free, and it shows the exact time of when the tournament will begin. It will also tell you the prize that you can get if you win a tournament.

Rummyculture cash tournaments

Cash tournament

Cash tournament is known to be one of the highest rank tournaments in Rummyculture where you can do so much. One thing that is kind of interesting about this tournament is that you can register for one before its actual date. Another thing that everyone must know is that the price will be as higher as the prize.

Satellite Tournament

Satellite tournament has big cash prizes and cheap entry fee where you can win up to ₹12,960 just by paying ₹60 for the entry fee. As we all like bigger prizes, this tournament provides many kinds of prizes where people will get attract more. So, the more they play, more tough the competition would be.

Club tournament

Club tournament is a bit different than the tournaments that I have mentioned above so far as it requires something different. In club tournament, you must be a member of any of their clubs to play. Club players can play these tournaments for free and win prizes with paying for an entry fee. There are multiple tournaments where you will know when each will begin. There is also an option where you can join a VIP club, diamond club, platinum club, silver club and a biozone club.

Rapid Tournament

As you can see the name rapid, you can tell how interesting this tournament can be. This tournament works very quickly and win cash by registering for the tournament. In rummy culture, one of the popular tournaments is called Saturday and Sunday bumper that can be played by paying ₹0,1 cash. You can win some huge number of prizes and there are so many tournaments that can be played every week.

How can I earn points in Rummycultre?

How can I earn points in Rummycultre

Well, there are 4 tables that you can play called the point rummy, deal rummy, deals rummy and 201 pool rummy to earn some real cash. By clicking on cash game, you will be able to see some different types of deals that you can play from maximum to minimum of 0.05 points. You can also play and earn cash for free by choosing a tournament that is for free and click on an option called notify me. By doing that, you will be able to get the notifications of when each tournament will start. Another way to earn points in Rummyculture is by playing the weekly entry fee tournaments where if you win at least one tournament, you can get a huge amount of cash that you will be able to checkout whenever. This is one of the amazing ways to earn cash since you do not have to invest extra money. You can also refer this to your family and friends since it is an easy way to earn some money for free. If you give your referral to a friend and they ass some cash into Rummyculture, you will get half of the commission. For example, if that person adds a ₹500 cash, you will get ₹50 for each person you invite as well as that person. You can also click on an option called happy hour and complete the given task where you will get instant cash. Also, when install Rummyculture, you can get a ₹100 cash and a 100k-200k chips from which you can practice.

How to withdrawal in Rummycultre?

How to withdrawal in Rummycultre

To withdraw cash in Rummyculture, you will have to follow some the steps that I will provide. First, you will need to go on home screen and click on your profile icon. Then, you will have to scroll down and click on the withdrawal option on the very bottom of your account statement. Third, click on new request where you will need to provide the information of your bank account and must choose the amount that you would like to withdraw. After you are done providing your bank information, you will have to click on submit and then you will get a code on your phone that you will get from Rummyculture. When you receive that code, you will have to put it in that app for a verification. After that, you request will process and you will receive your money between 1-10 minutes which is the maximum time. At the end, you will get a message from Rummy culture that they have sent you the money and it will also show you all the statement of your payment.

How to Verify kyc in Rummyculture?

How to Verify kyc in Rummyculture

To verify, you will need to open the game and then click on the profile icon. When you click on the profile icon, you will have to scroll down where you will see kyc documents and click on it. You need a picture of your pan card and a picture of your bank passbook. To proceed the process, you will click on the pan and then you will have to enter your pan number and your date of birth. After that, you will click on select file to choose the photo from your gallery of the pan card and then after adding the picture, make sure to go over through all your information to see if everything is correct.

After all this process, you will have to wait for approximately 10 seconds and then you will be taken to the next page where you will see a timer. The Maximum hours you can get to verify your kyc in Rummyculture is 48 hours. Apart from that, there is a last step that you will have to do which is to put your bank information. You will need to put you bank account number and reconfirm the number by the IFSC (Indian Financial System Code). After that, you will click on select to add a picture and your passbook and then upload it. At the end, everything will go through the kyc verification and a timer will start where it will all be verified between 48 hours. You will also get 1 Rupees from Rummyculture to your account and after verifying your kyc, you will be able to withdraw the cash.


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