ParticleShop The World of Art


ParticleShop The World of Art

ParticleShop is a brush plugin for adobe photoshop, and it is being used by so many people around the world. People can use this awesome plugin to create many different types of amazing images. ParticleShop comes up with around 11 brushes with 11 extra packs of brushes that you can add on. There are organic brushes that people can use to paint hair and textures to make it look more natural. ParticleShop offers many different brushes that are useful for mostly everyone such as photographers, painters, and artists. Basically, particle shop is for designers, artists and photographers who wants to enhance their work in photoshop with realistic and special effects.

Something special about these awesome brushes is that some of them can move on their own while others move based on the type of artwork you did. Moreover, you can use these particle brushes on a tablet, touched screen or with a mouse where you will be able to draw things on your screen by using a pen. One advantage of using it on a tablet is that you will be able to draw smoother and more effects with a natural result. Another benefit of using it on a tablet is that you can easily change the size of your brush and make changes to your drawing. There is a software where you can draw anything you want and after that, you can show your talent where you can also enhance the pictures with a stroke of genius. This plugin can be also used in adobe photoshop, adobe lightroom, CorelPaintshop pro and many other editing software.

Is it worth using ParticleShop?


Yes, it is definitely one of the amazing plugins from adobe photoshop that is being used for so many things. ParticleShop has some stunning brushes that are incredible to use for a lot of different purposes. You can always get some of their amazing brushes like flame and ice brush for free. However, if you are someone who loves art and wants everything to be perfect, then you will have to buy their other ParticleShop brushes to add more art into your drawing. Lastly, to open the ParticleShop in adobe photoshop, you can click on filter > painter > Particleshop.

Can you Make 3D images on ParticleShop?

When you think about a 3D image, ParticleShop is one of the platforms that would come in your mind only if you are familiar with it. The ParticleShop brushes can create images with flame such as turning a real picture into something more artistic. You can choose so many patterns like flame, smoke, and ice where each does its own job.

Can you Earn Money from ParticleShop?

ParticleShop is a platform where people can show talent and share it worldwide. Many of them are working online and creating some amazing pictures and paintings by using those particle brushes. By doing that, they receive many orders from their customers because nowadays, people usually like to have something unique so ParticleShop is a way where they can find something way different than the paintings that are being sold in stores. As everything is being done online in 2021, people usually do not have time because of so much work overload and because of that, they choose to order things online. A lot of people are earning money on fiver and other platforms by creating paintings on ParticleShop.

Something special about ParticleShop is that you can draw things with your own ideas without anyone’s interference. To make it more convenient, you can use their painter mobile app to paint from your device at anytime and anywhere you want. ParticleShop is famous for natural and realistic images, and that is what people usually look for.

How to buy ParticleShop?


ParticleShop can be bought on Painteartist and you can choose up to 15 brushes in each pack. There are multiple packs of brushes such as abstract brush pack, celebration brush pack, sketch brush pack and much more. As each pack comes up with different brushes, it has their own prices. ParticleShop offers different kind of brushes in each pack where you can always choose the one you want, and each has their own prices. One of the most famous brushes that people use the most is the neon brush. The reason why people love using the neon brushes the most is because they can do so much with just one brush and make their drawing look fancy. ParticleShop gives you a 30-day money back guarantee with a free trial of painter 2021.

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Specifications of ParticleShop


  • Can be used for both Mac and Pc.
  • Mouse/Tablet
  • Platforms- (Safari, Internet Explorer 11, or higher)


  • AMD Athlon 64/AMD Opteron and Intel Pentium.


  • 2 GB but 4 GB is recommended.

Hard Drive:

  • Up to 650 MB for files


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