Odoo is an online business management software that manages billing, payroll, e-commerce, and project management, allowing you to expand and operate your business more efficiently. Odoo is available in a variety of versions. Depending on your needs, Odoo can be used for a variety of businesses, and Odoo apps can be used to function in a flow. Odoo has a lot of cool features. You can concentrate on your revenue and activities by checking reports such as orders, project time sheets, and manufacturing to improve efficiency, finance to check income expenses, and human resources to learn about your company’s employees. schedule leaves from his role as an appraiser. Moreover, Odoo has marketing features that allow you to advertise your business through email. Odoo was founded in 2005 and has 5 million users. It is the most downloaded business software in the world, with a history dating back to 2005.

Why should we use Odoo?

If you are running a business and you want to manage it then Odoo is best business management software that you got. It provides you with everything you need to create a successful business and run it smoothly. You can promote your business and gain more customers with Odoo’s email marketing, surveys, and events, as well as live chat with your customers. It boosts sales, which is the primary goal of any business, and Odoo also handles inventory management, so you do not have to think about the products you are selling. It also keeps track of your sales CRM and pos, as well as a report of your employees who are on leave or being appraised.


Odoo can also handle your finances and keep track of transactions between you and your customers, as well as accounting so you can better understand your sales. Odoo informs you about the costs of expenses, as well as maintenance and the best quality for your business. You will also receive technical assistance and business advertising to help you better understand your business. It also gives you ecommerce experience where you can build your store with great themes and templates, place your products, and make it look incredibly appealing.

Different Versions of Odoo


Odoo Community

If you are a developer, it is the best software for you, because it is the only Odoo product that you can use for free. It is supported by the community, as you can see by the name, so you will not get any assistance related to Odoo community software. You can use your own code in it, and if you are a developer, you can handle it according to your needs.

Odoo Enterprise

It is the full online version of Odoo that you can get, including unlimited support, upgrades, and hosting. It is available on desktop, Android, and iOS, and includes a website builder and ecommerce, as well as the ability to connect to Amazon and eBay. It also allows you to integrate your digital phone with your VoIP system. It provides you with a complete version of accounting that includes bank statement analysis, budgeting, check writing, and more.Odoo enterprise includes email marketing and emailing templates, as well as a customization studio. You can pay for Odoo on a month-to-month or yearly basis.


Odoo Enterprise Self-host

Odoo enterprise is supported by Odoo partners that is kind of similar to Odoo enterprise. In Odoo enterprise self-host, you will still have access to all the apps, and it is known to be the full version of Odoo. However, the only difference is that you would have to pay yearly. You get Odoo hosting on Kubernetes cloud with Odoo enterprise self-host, which keeps you fully managed. You will also get a 30-day free trial and a 24/7 technical support. In a matter of minutes, you will be up and running. You can easily start this in a short amount of time which is one of the best advantages as it will not take that long. There are various packages available, that can be bought, including Odoo hosting plan, Odoo express, Basic Odoo, Professional Odoo, and Advance Odoo.


In this version of Odoo, you will have a full access to Odoo enterprise, and it gives you a full code that you can easily see. You can also make your own apps and change the code depending on what you want. If you are a developer and trying to manage a business for someone, this version of Odoo will be a great option for you. This version of Odoo is also suitable for a business owner where they can hire a developer team. By hiring a developer team, you can ask them to change the code of Odoo and create applications that are suitable for your business needs.

How to get started with Odoo?

Odoo gives you a 30-day free trial on all their products which is highly amazing. It provides you with instant access. You do not need to put your card in, so when you click on try it for free, it prompts you to choose the apps that are needed for your business to better understand it. You will receive a total of 44 apps, of which you can select 10 to begin with and then install the remaining apps later. After that, it will send you a signing forum where you must enter your name, email, and phone number, as well as the size of your company (how many employees do you have) and your primary interest. After that, Odoo gives you a warm welcome, which is fantastic, and it walks you through all their features so you can get a better understanding of the software. Then you will go to the Odoo studio and name your app, after which you can either build your own app or move on to managing your store, where you can list items and set prices. To make it easier to understand, Odoo even shows you a demo and tells you how to do it.

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