New Upcoming Games of 2021

New Upcoming Games of 2021

New Upcoming Games of 2021

Warhammer, Odyssey

This is a 3D mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game where you play with your own character. Basically, this game has six characters with different skills and abilities. The release date of this game has not been out yet but there are rumors that it might be launched by July 2021. Something cool about this game is that it has its own official website where you can find all the information and learn about every single character. Warhammer, odyssey is very different from all the other popular games out there because this game is all about effort.

New Upcoming Games of 2021

Furthermore, this game is all about using the right spells or skills because if you do not use something that goes with your character, then there is not point of playing this game. In this game, if you learn how to use each and everything, then there will not be a hard time winning.  If you are looking for an easy way out or looking for some shortcuts, then this game is not for you because it does require some hard work which can be fun.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

New Upcoming Games of 2021

This is a third person action role playing game which is developed and published by ember lab. As this is an upcoming game, it will be released in March 2021 and It can be played on PlayStation 4/5 and Microsoft windows. Bridge of spirits seems to be interesting and the visuals of this game are stunning. Basically, kena: bridge of spirits is a story of story driven action-adventure game based in a charming world where you can explore many things such as treasures and new places. Kena: bridge of spirits is a game where gamers can discover and create a crew of tiny spirits companions referred to as the rot and they are able to enhance their skills and create new ways to control the environment.

Furthermore, kena is a spirit guide which means she is someone who helps spirits who have suffered from great trauma or who have unresolved business so they can move on from the physical world to the spiritual world. The spirits you will see in this game are the spirits who will appear to be the enemy or the creatures that you will end up fighting in the game. Also, players can use kana’s staff to do light, heavy and charged attacks and she can use a pulse magic ability to parry enemies as they attack. You can also create a shield around her which has its own life bar.

Destruction AllStars

New Upcoming Games of 2021

This is a Car combat multiplayer game which is developed by the Sony interactive entertainment and can be played in PlayStation 5. This game will be out in February 2021 and most of the gamers out there are excited to explore this amazing game. In this game, each match will include heroes and unique cars which will be taking each other down through rams by either their own ability or usage of weapons. If your car gets destroyed by the other players, you will have to walk and find yourself a new vehicle.

There are about 30 unique vehicles in this game and as each match begins, several basic vehicles will be shown throughout the map and each character in the roster will also have their own vehicle with special abilities. Each player has their own abilities and can use different kind of skills to be a winner so you would have to explore each one of them to see who is more powerful. As each character has their own abilities that they can use, each vehicle plays the same role in this game. If you use both the vehicle and character ability together then there will be more chances to win the game.

Riders Republic

New Upcoming Games of 2021

This is a sports video game which is developed by Ubisoft Annecy and will be release on February 25, 2021. It is a multiplayer game which means that you can play it with your friends or random people, and it is compatible for platforms like PlayStation 4/5, Xbox one, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft windows. This is a unique and different game since nowadays, there are more like fighting and action but this one is something else.

In Riders Republic, you will get to see different types of car racing and there are up to 50 amazing players that you will get to choose and explore them. After you choose your character, you will take a part in a race with other players. As far as we know, there are five different activities that you can do such as snowboarding, biking, skiing, flying wingsuit and much more. You will also get to see many unique backgrounds which will make this game even more interesting as you can choose the type of background that you like. As looking at its official trailer, there are a lot of things that tells you that this game will not be that easy, but it is, filled with a lot of adventures.


New Upcoming Games of 2021

This is a third- person shooter game which is also based on a horror type of story. It is developed by housemarque and published by Sony interactive entertainment. It will be released on March 19, 2021 and can be only played on PlayStation 5. Returnal is a realistic kind of game that will make you feel like you are in a real world. Although, there are not many things that we know about this game yet, but it is known to be one of the most upcoming popular game of 2021.


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