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New Android Games

New Android Games

Ghosts of War


This game comes in a WW2 shooting games category where you will see three different maps. With these three maps, you will be able to steer ships and fly airplanes and you will compete against your enemies in a highly dangerous battlefield. As ghosts of war is mostly about WW2, it contains all the realistic moments from the WW2 and you will also be able to play with different type of characters such as Americans, Russians, and Germans. Furthermore, as all the other shooting games, you will see battle passes in this game too and you can also upgrade your guns too for a better performance. This game also has an interesting mode which is called the death match where all the opponents will be against you and you would have to survive by killing the enemies. Ghosts of War contains about 800 MB which is a lot of load since it has different kind of modes.

ghosts of war

Siren Head

Siren Head is a haunted horror escape game which is totally different from all these other shooting games. In this game, you will see darkness all around you where you would have to use a flashlight to see things and find a way. One of the scariest parts of this game is that you can be attacked at any time without even knowing since there is no light so your flashlight is the main thing that will save and help you to see things until the end. Basically, you must escape a room and solve some puzzles and if everything goes fine, you will be out of the ghost’s trap. The size of this game is 100 MB which is not that bad, and, in my opinion, this game is interesting for those who love scary things, and it can be played offline which means that you do not have to play it with the internet.

siren head


This is a multiplayer first- person shooter game and it can be played with your friends too where you can add around six players in a room. You can also customize your weapons with different skins and customize your controls with your own choice. In this game, you get to see four different kind of unique maps so you will be able to explore different locations and views where you will fight against the enemies. There are many game modes in Phun wars such as the death match, survival of the fittest and team battle so you can choose any of these and have a whole different experience from each. The coolest thing about this game is that it has many characters to unlock and explore. Also, the graphics of this game is good, and this game can be both players online and offline which makes it even more cool. The size of this game is 530 MB.

phun wars

Ace Squadron

This game is about the WW2 air conflicts where you will fly an airplane and you will get to see a world war level fight. Ace Squadron is kind of different from the other games that I have mentioned so far because here, you will fight against your enemies but by flying. There are two amazing things about this game that it provides some incredible graphics in a less mb size and you get to see a real kind of fight. In this game, you will have a difficult task because your character would have to fly and fight at the same time but those who love taking challenges should give it a try for sure. The size of this game is 100 Mb, and it can be played online as well as offline too so you can just download it in your phone and play it at anytime and anywhere you want.

ace squadron

Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight Arena is a fighting game and can be played with multiplayers. You can unlock a lot of different characters and you can also customize your character the way you want. Basically, you fight with your enemy with your weapons and powers and in shadow fight arena, you get to have three players to fight against your enemy in each turn. So, you would get to play with your next character if your first character dies. The sound quality and graphics of this game is amazing and indeed, that is the main thing that most of the players care about. Those of you who have seen the trailer can tell how interesting this game is and how much effort they have made to make this game. So, once you start the game, you will get to see a character that will tell his story of how he used to be weak but became stronger by time and at the end of the introduction, it would start the game by welcoming you to the arena. In my opinion, the starting of this game is mind blowing because it gives you the idea of how amazing this game would be, and some people would probably get goose bumps. The size of this game is 859 MB.

shadow fight arena

Fog- Battle Royale

This is a battle royale game where you must play with 30 individual players and in each match, your goal is to be the last player alive by eliminating all the other opponents. This game offers middle aged type of weapons such as swords spears which players will use to kill their enemies. Moreover, you can also use special abilities for you character such as the cold breath, fireball, antipathy, Armageddon, and path on fire. Fog battle royale has a huge map and players will be randomly distributed and will try to kill the other players to win the game. This game will give you a mix taste of mobile and rpg games which is amazing. The size of this game is 210 MB and can only be played online.

fog battle royale

Pubg Mobile

Pubg mobile is a shooting game where you fight against the enemies. Basically, 100 players jump from an airplane and then each of their parachute opens and at the end, they land on an empty ground where they can pick random outfits too. This game can be played with 4 teammates including yourself and you can also talk to your friends while playing. Once the game starts, you will see some empty buildings and houses where you can go and gather all the equipment’s that you would need to survive. Each equipment will give you something different such as a bottle of soda will boost your energy while a bandage will give you more strength. After you gather everything, you will be ready to fight against your enemies. The map of this game is kind of tough since it shrinks as the time passes and you would have to be in the safe zone. As usual, whoever stays alive until the end would win the game. The size of this game is 610 MB.

pubg mobile


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