Grammarly is a website that is being used worldwide and it is known to be one of the most popular websites where people can correct grammar of their essay’s and much more. People use Grammarly for mostly their school or business work. Basically, you can correct mostly everything on this website such as essay’s, articles, and research paper. Grammarly is also amazing for bloggers who write blogs every day and needs everything to be perfect. If we talk about Grammarly, this tool can be used for mostly anything that you can think of and so far, it is known to be the most accurate grammar checking website ever.

Grammarly is being used by more than 10 million people all around the world and you can also download its app for windows which will help you correct your grammar whenever you will write something in your mobile device. The way how Grammarly works is that when you upload a document on its official website, it will scan the whole document and by that, you will be able to see all the mistakes on your paper.

Grammarly has 2 versions where one is free and the other one is premium where you will have to pay. Grammarly is used to correct spellings, grammarand gives you suggestions of what type of words you can use in your paper. It also Underline words that has grammar mistakes and corrects everything for you by its own. You can also see if your punctuations such as comma’s, periods or brackets are at the right spot.

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium comes up with some exciting features which are so helpful in this 21st century. The first one is a plagiarism checker. As we all know, plagiarism is not acceptable at any cost and everyone likes to have original content and proofread information instead of taking someone else’s information. So, this feature checks everything for you and will tell you if something is plagiarized by giving you its actual source. Another thing about thing feature is that it gives the accurate information, so you do not have to worry about your work at all. Moreover, the 2nd feature that Grammarly offers is called conciseness which means that it can write a sentence in a shorter form with more information just how a long sentence would have. This feature is helpful because it gives you so many suggestions where you can choose and write however you want.

With all these awesome features, Grammarly also offers a feature called readability where it makes everything easier for you to read. Sometimes, some papers are extremely hard to read since everyone has their own writing ability but Grammarly fixes everything for you so if someone has a problem reading, they can easily use this amazing feature and make their life easy. Basically, this feature adjusts all the words in your paper, essays or text in its own way which makes everything clear. Lastly, they have another feature which is called the word choice and by that, you can guess what it is all about. Yes, this option gives you many different types of examples of words where you can use a precise language that will enlighten your text. By doing that, you can impress the reader and gain their attention more.

Grammarly plans

Premium Packages/Prices

Monthly– $29.95/month

Quarterly– $19.98/month

Annual– $11.66/month


Team Plan

Grammarly Business– $12.50/ month / member

Grammarly Free

features of Grammarly

Grammarly free comes up with three amazing features that is being used in everyone’s daily life. The first feature lets you correct the spellings in your text. As most of the people type super-fast and leave so many mistakes behind but later, they are so lazy to go back and check, Grammarly does everything by itself. Grammarly fixes all the spelling mistakes as you go through and underlines each wrong word with a red line and the way how it works is that when you click on each word, it will tell you the right spelling. So, your job is just to click on those words and Grammarly does everything else for you.

The second cool feature that Grammarly has is their main feature that its known for the most. This feature lets you check the grammar of your essays, research paper or any of your other work where you can make everything look perfect. As some people are always concerned about their Englishgrammar which is the main thing that most of the people care about, Grammarly fixes your grammar and gives you suggestions of what you can use. Also, you can make your paragraphs stronger which means that Grammarly suggest you use heavy words that will make it look more professional. With all that, it also points out where your commas, period and all the other punctuations should go because that is one of the most important part of having a perfect grammar.

How to download Grammarly?

Grammarly can be easily installed from its official website and it also comes on the chrome extension store. To add it to your chrome, you just need to click on the “add extension” option and it will be added there. To use Grammarly, you will have to make an account which is totally free and something amazing about Grammarly is that it can be linked to your google account Facebook and other platforms. Once you make your account, you will be taken to the next screen where you can choose the free version of Grammarly or you can buy the premium version based on your choice. You will also be able to see the prices of each plan that they offer. Grammarly also has a business package for people who are into business where they can get discount.


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