Phone With Game Mode

Phone With Game Mode

Phone With Game Mode

Nowadays, smartphones with gaming mode are so popular in the market because of the gaming craze amongst young people. While it is increasing day by day, the mobile gaming industries earn billions of dollars. Also, to advance this gaming experience, the mobile companies are spending billions to make compatible devices. Many smartphone companies are offering a dedicated game mode.

The phone with game mode enables many authentic and interesting features to your smartphone. Here the question arises why we need a Phone with Game Mode feature. The answer to this question that many of us have been looking for is getting those irritating notifications from the other apps while playing a game. As we know for gaming, we need a lot of RAM and processing, while these background applications use most of the RAM as we play. The Phone with Game Mode is the best solution for all such issues.

Phone With Game Mode

How does It work?

First, it is necessary to understand what are the basic components to boost your gameplay. As we know, the maximum amount of space in RAM may help us to boost the gaming experience and the second thing is the processing. The Game Mode clears maximum space in your phone and gives you the ultimate gaming experience. Many times as you are in a critical situation in the game and suddenly, a random notification would appear on the screen, which is the most irritating and frustrating thing.

The Phone With Game Mode disables the extra background applications and prevents these apps from sending notifications during the gameplay. As a result, it enables the processor to completely focus on the running game which gives the best gaming experience. It enhances the CPU as well as GPU performance of the smartphone by giving free ram space to the phone. It focuses on the current game and disables all the extra apps and background data usage.

game mode management

Compatible devices

Most of the Phone with Game Mode has Android version 5+ OS, while some of the other latest android phones have the built in Game Mode. The option is mostly given in the setting panel. You can click that to activate the feature. Once it is activated, it will take over the network to cancel the apps notifications and calls. Devices that are made for gaming purposes include the Pro features of this Game mode.

Some Important Settings

In the Game Mode, you can manually select the options and set all the parameters according to your preference. You may allow some important contacts to call you or allow some

game mode setting

important apps to send you notifications. This is called the whitelisting of apps or contacts in the mode. In gaming, we need the highest amount of FPS to ensure smooth gameplay. This Game Mode helps to enhance the FPS (Frames Per Second) by giving some extra cache space to the phone memory. Higher FPS makes the gameplay smooth with no lag.

Prominent Features

  • Blocks or rejects incoming calls automatically.
  • Blocks or cancels the notifications.
  • Blocks the popups and ads.
  • Disables the background apps.
  • Makes space in RAM.
  • Enhances the CPU/GPU speed.
  • Boosts the performance by clearing cache files.
  • Changes WiFi Preferences.
  • Enhance hardware performance.
  • Boosts the Gameplay.
  • Sets the volume of whitelisted applications and contacts.


Some SmartPhone with Game Mode

  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Series
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
  • Oppo Find x2 Pro


We can take ASUS ROG Phone3 and OnePlus 8 Pro as an example to explain Phone With Game mode. In ASUS ROG Phone3, the Game Mode is called X-Mode for. The X-Mode can be activated by swiping down the quick settings and taping on the X-Mode button. You can also customize Game Mode by adding your settings and preferences. This setting is also available in the ASUS ROG series. The Game Mode also controls the AeroActive fan in the ASUS smartphones to cool down the phone.

In short, game mode is the best option for mobile gamers to play smooth and boosted games with the highest graphical settings and no rendering lag at all. The features of this game mode are advanced and cover all the gaming issues at one click.


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