Doodly The Best Animation Software

doodly animation software

Doodly The Best Animation Software

Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows you to create animated videos. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. Doodle was launched in November 2018 and is simple to use. You can do bunch of things through Doodle such as creating amazing cartoon videos, marketing videos or any type of video that is related to teaching or entertainment. This software does not take a lot of space which means that you can easily download this into your computer without causing any lag or difficulties. You can make your own drawing videos where you will be able to post them and use your imagination sketches. You can create doodle videos in minutes and sell them to your customers, plus you get a 30-day money-back guarantee and free software updates.

Is Doodly worth buying?

doodly animation software

Yes, Doodle is one of the most outstanding animated video maker software where you can easily put your creativity into videos using professional sketches. Doodle has a variety of character and prop photos, as well as free music and video templates that you can use continuously. You can even use it on another computer, and you will not have to pay someone to make an animated video for you. Instead, you can easily create your own videos with some great ideas for free. You can also record your voice in Doodle and convert the white board to a green board and black board among other things. Doodle provides you with a real hand that will be shown in the video where you can draw a doodle sketch that will look fantastic. With all these amazing things, In the video, you may also use various doodle sketch producing hands, change doodle characters, and utilize the erase tool. Another cool things about this software is that You can also have characters sit or stand, read the newspaper, or do anything else you can think of in doodle video by dragging and dropping characters or anything else that you want.

How to use Doodly ?

Simply click on create video, and you’ll be asked to select the video’s resolution as well as the color board on which you want to create the doodle video. You can choose either a white board, blackboard, green board, and a glass board based on what you would prefer. If you are a professional, you can use a green screen background, which is quite simple to use. One of the most amazing things about this software is that You can drag and drop the animated characters that will be given. You can also get free music that you can use in your Doodle videos by dragging and dropping it into your movie. You can also get different types of texts that you can use in your Doodle videos by dragging and dropping them into your movie.


Moreover, you can also upload your own images, fonts, props, and music, and you can easily make doodle videos even if you have never used it before and have no talents, but you can use it and make professional videos in minutes. Doodle also allows you to do a video sketch with actual hands, cartoon hands, or no hands, which is extremely impressive. You may also change the video translation and the doodle video board style to green board or any other you like to check how your doodle video looks in it. You can also record your voice in Doodle by just clicking the mike button, and before exporting your video, you can check it and modify the quality to HD or any other setting you choose, as well as the video format and frame rate.

How to buy Doodly?


You can buy this software by going on their official website where you will see two types of packages that you will be able to buy. The first package that they offer contains 1,164-character images, 1,620 Images of Props, 150 Tracks of Royalty- Free Music, 20 different video Templates and 35 fonts. It also contains 84 scene Templates as well as a Standard Support.

Furthermore, Doodly enterprise includes 3,959-character photos, 3,341 prop photos, 250 royalty-free music, 40 video template, and 84 scene templates, as well as premium support. Doodle is available on a monthly or annual basis

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