CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020

CorelDRAW technical suite 2020

CorelDRAW technical suite 2020

CorelDRAW is a designing software which is vector-based software. It is mostly used by different companies, students, and free lancers. Also, this software is used by Indian companies the most and from CorelDRAW, people can earn a lot by completing bunch of tasks such as completing orders and free lancing. CorelDRAW 2020 got advanced features and it has different versions of CorelDRAW where each has its own price. The most popular version of CorelDRAW is the graphics suite 2020. This software is free to download and you will get a free trial for 15 days which you can easily use and after your free trial is over, you would have to buy the actual version. So, I think it is cool that it gives you a free trial so you can make a wise decision based on that.

CorelDRAW technical suite 2020

Is CorelDRAW Best for Editing

Yes, CorelDRAW is best for photo editing, graphics and logo making and with that, people can also design their website. You can create a 3D model with CorelDRAW, and that 3D model can be made of anything. For example, if you make a 3D design of a motor and give it a voltage, CorelDRAW will provide you everything that you would need in order to work on a professional level. Everything is given on a higher level and you can make mostly anything that you want.

Technical design and illustration

CorelDRAW provides you all the tools from which you can make a detailed project by keeping everything accurate, perfect shape, advanced dimensioning and you can clearly name every object that you will make by alphabets. You can also give it a voltage and make accurate shape of the objects that you will use and in CorelDRAW, you can make everything in deep details. You can also use color graphics, 3D model and much more.

CorelDRAW Standard 2020

CorelDRAW standard 2020 is a student version which is only for US$377.00 with a 30-day money back guarantee. Basically, it is for a personal use and home business where you can edit pictures and make page layouts. CorelDRAW is made for a next level editing for pictures and it also has creative templates which people can use for newspaper, business cards, posters and it can only be used in windows. In addition, CorelDRAW comes up with a Corel photo-paint with the CorelDRAW standard 2020 and it also gives you a 15-day trial of that standard version.

Student Version

CorelDRAW Graphics suite 2020

CorelDRAW Graphics suite 2020


It is a professional graphics design software which was the most awaited CorelDRAW and it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. CorelDRAW graphics suite 2020 contains vector illustration tools, photo editing and layout which needs to be installed before you can use it. The applications you get with the CorelDRAW Graphics suite 2020 are called the Corel photo-paint 2020, Corel font manager 2020, Corel capture 2020 and the applications are very easy and fast to use. As CorelDRAW graphics suite 2020 has a unique theme, you can change its dark them by going to tools > option > customization > appearance and then, you can change the CorelDRAW theme color to either dark, light, medium or black. With changing them, you can also increase the size of the interface for the CorelDRAW to look bigger than its actual size. This option is very helpful for those who got eyesight issue and it will help them focus on their work even more.

CorelDRAW graphics suite 2020

Can I Earn Online While Working on CorelDRAW?

Yes, you can earn a lot and there are many clients that hire people which experts and professional in graphic designing. It is the future of graphics and on CorelDRAW, people can earn a good amount of money while making designs, models, picture editing, cartoon graphics and a lot of other things too. In CorelDRAW, your earning is depending on how hard you work on everything that is given to you and how satisfied your clients are from you. Your clients mostly look for unique work and amazing design that could not be compared with others since they always want something different that they could not find anywhere else. I mean, they pay a lot of money for all that so the thing where they want everything to be perfect kind of makes sense. CorelDRAW jobs can be found on Upwork, fiver and you can also join a Corel affiliate program where you can get a 10% commission on software that are on sales and you can earn a random amount of money depending on how the work is done.

CorelDraw Essentials

There are many ways where you can find shortcuts in CorelDRAW to get your work done faster. For the default tools down the left-hand side on this software, some of them has shortcuts that some of you might not know and down below, I will mention each of them.

  • Free hand draw tool, that people often uses to create any line shapes and the shortcut for that is f5.
  • Square or rectangle tool, which lets you make one of these shapes. If you hold down control as a modifier, it will allow you to keep it in a perfect proportion and if you hold it down the right hand click as well as the left hand click, you can move the item around there as well. The shortcut for this tool is f6.
  • Ellipse tool, where you can create an ellipse by using an angle or a circle. By holding down control, it stays nicely in proportion there and right hand click to move. The shortcut for this tool is f7.
  • Text tool that peoples obviously use to write something. Once you click f8, it will let you type your text.
  • Direct selection tool which lets you grab things. In an image, you can usually grab anything and stretch out however you want. The shortcut for this tool is f10.

You can buy different versions of CorelDRAW and there is no doubt that it has been of the most highly recommended software for graphic designing and it is being used all over the world. Down below, you can see the links where you will be able to buy all these different versions from.


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