Boost Android Gaming Performance

Boost Android Gaming Performance

Boost Android Gaming Performance

Android is one of the oldest mobile operating system that is still in use by so many people around the world and they are trying their best to improve it even more to make it the best operating system ever. As nothing is perfect, there are some problems with android such as its battery, heat up and speed which can sometimes, only be solved if you change the device or get it fixed by the experts. However, many of us do not know the real cause of why our devices gets slow and gives us a bad performance as the time passes.

Why Android Lag?

The main reason behind all this are the unwanted applications that are installed in your android device and sometimes contains many viruses that can harm your device and lower its speed. Moreover, when your devices Ram Is full or if you have a live wallpaper on your screen that causes a higher amount of graphics, can make your speed slow. Obviously, when there are many things that are open and taking a high amount of space will automatically cause heat and drop down its speed. As you go through this topic, you will learn a lot of different things where you will know how to boost android device and what you can do to make your device work better.

Boost Android Gaming Performance

How Can You Reduce the Android Lag?

 As there are many reasons that causes a low speed, heat up and decreases the battery faster but you should always know how to keep your android device away from all these issues. These issues can sometimes change into a danger since it can harm your device where you will end up buying a new phone. If we think about it properly, having viruses in our android devices can also affect on our personal information’s such as pictures, messages, calls, data, and much phone. Phone is something that has all your information from your address to your phone number and once it gets into bad hands, not only it harms your device but can give you a lot of stress too. My whole point behind all this is that when you download a 3rd party application, you should always be careful as it can lead to many things as I explained above.

Moreover, to reduce the lag in your device, you should always try to avoid extra applications that you don’t use daily, make sure you always clean the storage, close the applications running in the background and clear your data. So, the more storage and less applications you have in your device, it will keep your device in a good condition and will give you a better performance. All these problems can degrade the battery of your device which can be extremely frustrating, so, one thing I will tell you guys is to always avoid these things for your own better.

In addition, you should always update the software of your phone as every update is there for a reason and contains something new to give you an amazing experience. When developers give a new update to their apps or device, it means that they have included new features and better performance. So, updating a new software for either the application or your device will definitely help you reduce the Android lag and save the battery.

Boost Android Gaming Performance

 One thing you can do when you have less storage in your device and need some additional room is to use a memory card. Using a memory card will boost the speed of your Android device and give you some extra space. What happens by using a memory card is that it will keep that extra load which your device has and boost up the speed. The memory card that will amaze you the most is the Class 10 Memory Card that gives you many benefits as well. It stores all your data and is suitable for a high-quality video recording and has a minimum speed of 10MB/s. You can also take as many pictures as you want without getting bothered by lags or a heat up problem.

Boost Android

 Basic Problems

 You should always use those kinds of wallpapers in your device that is only a picture because using those live wallpapers takes a lot of Ram and put a heavy load on your device which can cause a lot of lagging.


What’s New?

 There are some new upcoming features in Android L to improve its performance. One of the biggest changes in Android L is that Google is now moved from Dalvik Runtime to a Newer Runtime which is called the ART Runtime. Apart from that, if you have a Android 4.4 KitKat version, you can use the ART Runtime.



• Open the Main Menu to Boost Android

• Open “Settings”

• Then, open “Developer Options”

• Click on “Select Runtime”

• Select “Use ART”

• Now, reboot your device

Update: From Android 5.0 Lollipop Onwards, this choice has been eliminated and totally been taken consideration by the Android System. So, you do not have to do anything to apply.

Instructions that only works on These Smart Phones

  • Samsung J2
  • Oppo A3s
  • Huawei Y6 LTE
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2
  • Motorola Moto C

After you follow these steps, your device will boost up and give you a better performance.


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