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Amazon Prime is a platform where people can find millions of different kinds of tv series and movies with a great quality experience. In 2021, Amazon Prime is known to be the biggest platform to watch movies. It was launched on September 7th in 2004 which means that it has been around 14 years. Amazon Prime is being used all over the world and has more than 153 million users. People can use Amazon Prime on their laptop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and android devices. Basically, Amazon Prime is suitable for all kind of devices and that is one of the main reasons why people are using this platform even more. On Amazon Prime, you can do bunch of different kind of things such as reading, free music, watch latest tv shows and much more. One of the most amazing part about Prime is that it is totally free for 30 days trail and gives you access to everything.

Is It Worth Buying an Amazon Prime Video?

If you are looking for a high quality tv shows and movies then you should give it a chance. Amazon Prime is totally worth using as it gives you a benefit to see all famous tv series such as The Boys and gives a high-quality video experience with amazing content. You can also download movies and watch them while being offline which is amazing. Another amazing fact about the Amazon Prime is that if you are someone who likes to share your account with someone, you can always do that without stressing out. The reason why you should not stress about sharing your Amazon Prime account with someone is because it gives you an option where you can get access to three different devices at the same time.

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Amazon Prime also gives you an option to control data usage on your mobile devices as well as tablets. With all these cool features, you can also get the latest movies and free music where you can create your own playlist full of your favorite songs. If you are a reader, Amazon Prime offers a great option where you can read books for free for a whole year and you can also get the Amazon Prime audio books where you can mostly listen instead of reading. Furthermore, if you are into gaming then you should use this platform for sure. Amazon Prime gives you a chance to claim and get game items for free as well as the game itself.

If you have a membership of Amazon Prime, then you will not be charged for anything and everything will be delivered to your house for free which means a free home delivery for amazon products. Another cool thing about being a member of Prime is that you get you items in less than three days which means that your delivery will be faster than ever. Also, you get to know about the sales and get to explore so much. Amazon Prime gives you a 30-minute alert if there is a case where the item will go out of stock so for some people, this is a great advantage of having an Amazon Prime Membership. Lastly, if you buy a product and buys another product with it then you will get a cash back which means that the more products you buy on Amazon Prime, more cash back you will get. You can get a 5% cash back on an Amazon pay, credit card and an icici bank card where if you buy a product or a subscription, you will get a cash back on it. Amazon Prime gives you a lot of offers that you can claim and get a cash back.

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How to Buy a Membership on Amazon Prime?

You can buy a membership of Prime on your mobile device or your laptop. After you download the Amazon Prime app, go to the main menu, and then click on try prime where you will be able to see different plans that you can buy. It gives you a 30-day free trial and after that, you can either choose a 1-month plan or a 1-year plan. Also, for students who are between the age of 18-24, they can get 50% off on Amazon Prime and students can also get 6 month free membership of amazon prime where they will have to provide their name, age, and name of their institution as a proof.

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